IGTV Naturopath LIVE

“How Gluten can affect your Hormones”

This Instagram TV Live interview features, Naturopaths Jade Walker & Lynn Joels.

Watch the entire video in two parts as Jade and Lynn introduce themselves and delve into how gluten can dominate our lives.

Prefer shorter (easily digestible & gluten-free) snippets? Click on any of these topics…

Growth of Gluten Sensitivity  |  Gluten: Aust vs. Europe  |  Sex Hormones…  | Gluten, Fertility & stopped Periods  | Gluten & Khapregesic® – too early to tell…  Allergens: Gluten & Dairy | How to Test for Gluten sensitivity Does Gluten cause Leaky Gut  | Nutrient Mal-absorption  |  Does Gluten-free = Gut Repair | Is it Gluten Sensitivity or Coeliac Disease |


Why does gluten sensitivity seem more prevalent these days?

Why can I eat bread in Europe but not in Australia?

How does gluten affect sex hormones, mother hormones, & others?

Can gluten stop your periods & affect your fertility?

Does gluten cause a ‘leaky gut’?

Can gluten cause mal-absorption of nutrients?

Will going gluten-free repair my gut lining?

Should I give up gluten and dairy together?

Khapregesic® – is it too early to tell if it can help with gluten issues?

Testing for gluten – blood test or genetic test?

Gluten sensitivity & Coeliac Disease, what’s the difference?

naturopath live - Full video - gluten & Hormones

Naturopath LIVE – Gluten & Hormones – Part 1 (17min 39sec)

Naturopath LIVE – Gluten & Hormones – Part 2 (18min 2sec)


Please note: In the treatment of pain and inflammation, extensive Traditional Medicine evidence over hundred’s of years, and Practitioner supervised Clinical Testing evidence has been completed. This evidence was the basis for TGA regulatory approval for the safe use of khapregesic® as an OTC (over the counter) supplement or Listed Medicine. For those who wish to see hospital based double-blind placebo-controlled clinical trials, these are yet to be completed. All references are actual practitioner accounts of individual patients and reviews on this website are from actual customer feedback.