Khapregesic® for Period Pain 500mg

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  1. Nicola

    I think the number one effect of Khapregesic for Period Pain is obviously the pain relief when it actually hits, but the other symptom which I was super surprised about is actually the PMS. The reduction of symptoms around my PMS, so things like anxiety, depression, the tiredness that I was getting. The fact I could boost my productivity and I just felt more on top of things. My mindset was just so much clearer, and I was just able to get things done.

  2. Team BioActive


    Usually on my period I experience a lot of cramping and bloating and makes me feel really sluggish, but then whilst taking khapregesic I notice that I didn’t really get any of that at all and it didn’t even feel as though I had my period.

  3. Team BioActive


    Since taking Khapregesic for Period Pain I have so much more energy I’m able to go to the gym during my period (something I wasn’t able to do before) and I’m so much more focused at work.

  4. Team BioActive


    So I took the Khapregesic for period pain regularly, once a day for a week leading up to my period, and my period really crept up on me. I was surprised that I even had it. I hadn’t had the cramping or the strange moods leading up to my period.

    The only indication that my period was coming was my knowledge that I knew it was due and that I did have some cravings.

    Other than that, I actually feel like I don’t have it. It’s such a strange thing hearing the testimonials and actually experiencing it for myself.

    Great work. This is so amazing and liberating. You have no idea!

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