Period Pain with IBS Pain, is it my diet or ‘hidden’ endo?

Period Pain with bowel spasm

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What causes Period and Endometriosis Pain?

This is a huge subject, but very simply. During a period, the uterus contracts to help expel the lining of the uterus. Hormone-like substances, called prostaglandins are released to assist this natural process[1]. Unfortunately, this process causes inflammation and can trigger those awful cramping pains.


On the other hand, endometriosis, is a condition that is becoming more and more common. It occurs when uterine cells become implanted outside the uterus. These cells also release prostaglandins causing cramping pain in other areas. Like fallopian tubes, ovaries and even the bowel. This may be the cause of those bowel spasms and the IBS pain.

Endometriosis can often require surgical intervention. In these cases, large concentrations of uterine cells form lesions where the pain can be relentless. Unfortunately, even after surgery, symptoms often return due to tissue re-growth. Also, because they’re so tiny, it’s just impossible to remove every misplaced uterine cell. Often the reason for the unexplained pain, even after surgery.[2]

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Why do I have period pain with IBS pain? Do I have endo?

There are two possible reasons why women, without diagnosed endometriosis, suffer period pain with bowel spasm.

One school of thought says a microscopic number of uterine cells attach themselves to the bowel causing it to contract during a period. These are too small to be diagnosed as endometriosis.

The other reason maybe a pro-inflammatory diet of refined sugars and grains. This type of diet, that we all crave by the way, actually increases digestive prostaglandin levels [3].

Some women may experience a combination of the two during a ‘normal’ period. This can result in IBS-like symptoms of diarrhoea and/or constipation with excruciating pain, loss of balance, low self-esteem, and heightened anxiety, just to mention some of the symptoms.


What’s the answer to pain relief?

To relieve period pain with IBS pain, we need to address both diet and things that can help the natural period process itself.

Small diet changes will help

Looking to non-tablet options, diet is an important place to start by reducing refined sugars and grains. Combinations of wholegrains, nuts and honey make for delicious alternative snacks. Increasing fresh vegetables with every meal for a few days before and during your period, is a must.

Reducing refined sugars and grains and increasing wholegrains and fresh vegetables is also vital in reducing the low level of inflammation that can build up to trigger other things such as joint pain.

Gentle activity is important

It’s equally important to be active, to keep the blood flowing. With exercise the last thing on your mind, getting some fresh air on a half hour slow walk is a good idea. If you have to stay indoors, gentle stretching on a yoga mat for half an hour is also a good idea. After any activity, make sure you drink plenty of water and get plenty of rest.

Stress reduction techniques

Lastly, we must find time to reduce our stress levels. If that means we have to ask other house members to leave for an hour or if they can’t leave, you go somewhere quiet for an hour or so. If you’re a sole carer, be brave and ask some one to help you, take a break for an hour or so.  

Give yourself permission to curl up on the couch with a hot water bottle, a podcast or movie. You never know you may fall asleep!

What about immediate pain relief?

Back to reality, for pain knows no bounds when you’re in the middle of a spasm! We can all relate to that.

It is important to address period pain with IBS pain as soon as it occurs. As the video points out, for immediate pain relief most women reach for drugs such as ibuprofen. However, the new fast-acting plant-based pain reliever Khapregesic®, that we’re featuring here, may be preferable as a gut-friendly natural alternative.

Drugs and their side-effects

Historically, drugs provide most women with immediate relief from period pain with IBS pain. Until now women have had no natural option but to use drugs such as ibuprofen, naproxen[4] or aspirin for pain relief.

Unfortunately, these drugs also promote side effects such as gastric ulceration and severe stomach cramping. The very thing we are trying to soothe. For example, naproxen is more likely than ibuprofen to cause side effects because it is longer lasting[5].

A new product to relieve pain naturally

The new product Khapregesic®, on the other hand, contains a plant-based TGA approved botanical called khaya. It has prostaglandin suppression characteristics and is a strong natural anti-inflammatory[6].

Most importantly this natural pain reliever, Khapregesic® combines plant-based anti-inflammatories and antioxidants with prebiotics for a calmer gut and a more balanced microbiome.

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Practitioners can read a more technical version of this article by clicking here.


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Important notice:

If you or someone you know are experiencing severe pain in the abdominal region for any reason, please see your GP or a healthcare professional without delay. 


Khapregesic® [ka-pra-geez-ic] is the non-drug alternative for a range of menstrual related pains and PMS symptoms. Khapregesic® combines plant-based anti-inflammatories and antioxidants with prebiotics for a calmer gut and a more balanced microbiome.