Melatonin the sleepy hormone – why TAKE it when you can MAKE it?

Our gut, thanks to good gut bacteria, produces over 90% of the body’s most versatile hormone, Serotonin. Among its many duties this hormone regulates our sleep patterns as the precursor for natural Melatonin production. (Don’t shoot the messenger, our founder Rick loves this chemical diagram… I know right!)

Natural Melatonin production is why it’s so important to look after our good gut bacteria and their home the gut lining – collectively known as our Microbiome.

The two factors in our diet to consider improving if we want better sleep naturally are pro-biotics and pre-biotics. While pro-biotics refer to good gut bacteria, we can get these from yogurts or other fermented foods, pre-biotics are foods that give our good gut bacteria a happy environment to flourish.

Pre-biotics are the first thing in our diet we need to get right.

A recent scientific study involving supplementation of pre-biotics resulted in an increase in good bacteria numbers along with decreased inflammation levels.*

The bottom line – the more pre-biotics we consume, the healthier our good gut bacteria, the more melatonin is produced, the better our sleep patterns become – naturally.

New generation pre-biotics are polyphenol based**. Some examples are: cocoa (yes, dark chocolate!), green tea, cinnamon bark, dark grapes (yes, red wine!) and blackcurrants.

If you happen to experience that all too familiar pain in the ‘pit of your gut’, keeping you awake at night, you may want to consider a new generation Polyphenol based supplement, high in anti-oxidants and rich in anti-inflammatory factors. It may be a better alternative, the choice is yours^.

*Want the pre-biotic report? Read the full study here

**Want the polyphenol report? Read the full study here

^Want to learn more about Polyphenol-based supplements? Read about ‘khapregesic’ here