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Series 4 – “Living with Endometriosis – 4 stories”

Series 3 – “The Dangers of Frequent Pain Medication Use”

Series 2 – “How Gluten can affect you Hormones”

Series 1 – “Natural Pain Relief Options”



Khapregesic® [kap-pre-jee-sic] is the non-drug alternative for a range of menstrual related pains and anxiety symptoms. It combines plant-based anti-inflammatories and antioxidants with prebiotics for a calmer gut and a more balanced microbiome.

The makers of Khapregesic®, source their plant material from a sustainable Certified Organic family-owned Australian farm.


Please note: Practitioner supervised Clinical Testing evidence and extensive documented Traditional Medicine evidence over hundred’s of years has been compiled and together with extensive laboratory studies is the basis for regulatory approval for the safe use of Khapregesic® as an OTC (over the counter) supplement. All references are actual practitioner accounts of individual patients and the reviews on this website are from actual customer feedback over several years.