“Natural Pain Relief Options”

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This is our 1st series & features Naturopath Jade Walker. Jade is a Women’s Health specialist with a special interest in Endometriosis. Filmed to celebrate Women’s Health Week in September 2020.

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Episode 1 – Is Period Pain normal, are we addressing the root cause?

Episode 2 – How to get a definitive diagnosis for Endometriosis?

Episode 3 – Gut Health, Nervous System Calming & Khapregesic®?

Episode 4 – Gut irritation: NSAIDs vs Khapregesic®?

Episode 5 – Natural Pain Relief – other herbs vs Khapregesic®?

Episode 6 – Is the herb in Khapregesic® approved by the regulators & harvested sustainably?

Episode 7 – “Khapregesic® has saved my life…” live customer feedback!

Episode 8 – Why is dairy bad and what are some alternatives to dairy?

Episode 9 – Can a Leaky Gut and an imbalance of gut bacteria make my Endometriosis worse?

Episode 10 – Prebiotics – What are they and why are they SO important?

Episode 11 – What vitamins and minerals should I take to reduce my Gut Inflammation?

“Natural Pain Relief Options”

Celebrating Women’s Health Week, September 2020

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E1 – Is Period Pain normal?    |    E2 – How to diagnose Endo?    |    E3 – Gut health & Calming Nervous System    |    E4 – NSAIDs vs Khapregesic®       E5 – Other herbs vs Khapregesic®      E6 – Khapregesic® Approval & Sustainable    |    E7 – Life saving – Live Customer feedback      E8 – Dairy, why is it bad and some alternatives      E9 – Can Leaky gut make Endo worse?    |    E10 – Prebiotics, why they are so important    |    E11 – What Vitamins and minerals are good for Gut Inflammation?    |



Please note: Practitioner supervised Clinical Testing evidence and extensive documented Traditional Medicine evidence over hundred’s of years has been compiled and together with extensive laboratory studies is the basis for regulatory approval for the safe use of Khapregesic® as an OTC (over the counter) supplement. All references are actual practitioner accounts of individual patients and the reviews on this website are from actual customer feedback over several years.