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Our focus is for you to stay active. Period pain symptoms can be a thing of the past…

If you prefer an all natural non-drug option, the new certified organic ingredient in Period Pain 500™ called khapregesic® may be right for you.

Clinically tested to provide a high level of Abdominal Pain Relief whilst over 80% of Patients experienced additional benefits of Anxiety and Sleep improvement.

Traditionally used in herbal medicine to relieve abdominal spasms & cramps, it provides ‘gentle to the stomach’ calming.

Scientifically found to be polyphenol rich, containing high anti-inflammatory and pain relieving factors.

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Known for centuries, the Pharos and the Aztecs had the most comprehensive medical libraries thousands of years ago, all based on the organic potency of plants including the meliaceae species we know today as mahogany.

Only in the past 100 years the human desire for exotic timbers has all but wiped out every natural stand of medicinal mahogany on the planet putting them on the endangered species list.

Its ‘pain relieving & gut soothing’ history was also lost until now. Our researchers and scientists have uncovered unique properties from the most potent variety of mahogany, Khaya senegalensis.

Sustainable tree farms in Australia now produce plant material that delivers high potency through the patented ingredient khapregesic®.*



The prime ‘pain relieving & gut soothing’ ingredient khapregesic® comes from the mahogany tree variety Khaya senegalensis (pictured here).

These trees are the only Australian Certified Organic medicinal mahogany trees in the world. The oldest trees are celebrating being on the planet for over 20 years.

The location in Australia represents the cleanest and most pristine agricultural region on earth. Preserved in a privately-owned nature park, the environmental team has developed sustainable harvest methods leaving the trees to thrive.

This world first harvest technology called Khafresh® locks in the freshness and potency of these single origin natural ingredients at source.

These patented methods are used to create the Khapregesic® formula, designed to optimise the potency of the plant material.

The farm-fresh plant components contained in Khapregesic® are fresher than most processed foods we consume.

Your peace of mind is our greatest reward.



We blend the art of traditional medicine with modern science to support your most vital needs over a complete 24 hour cycle:

1. Abdominal soothing

2. Leads to more Energy & Focus for your daily activities

3. Followed Naturally by Deep Restorative Sleep

the cycle continues in your favour, with a happier & more positive outlook


The Science

Fast Acting and Long Lasting

Being water soluable, this in-vivo research on anti-inflammatory and pain receptors shows fast acting absorption within the first hour and the effect lasting for several hours.*

Powerful Anti-oxidant

The powerful Anti-oxidant levels outstrip Green Tea and Aloe Vera.

By consuming foods high in anti-oxidants you may be improving your heart health, preventing cognitive decline, reducing inflammation and even lowering your risk of developing more serious conditions.*

Improved Blood Flow

This Meliaceae plant species has been used as an aphrodisiac for centuries. Traditional medicine texts cite improved blood flow to the pelvic region – a key trigger for libido release.*


harmony &

Science + Traditional Medicine = Microbiome balance

Better sleep & more energy: Personal accounts from people using the khapregesic ® ingredient in Clinical Case Studies say that it assisted with better sleep & gave them more energy during the day. These are the most primal needs we have over a 24 hour cycle.*

The traditional medicine usage of this mahogany species ranges from it being a pain reliever, a fever reducer and general calming tonic for many digestive ailments.

The science tells us that it is a powerful Anti-oxidant and a potent anti-inflammatory agent. Laboratory tests on pro-inflammatory marker COX-2points to it being a strong inflammation inhibitor.

There are many articles referring to the link between illness and a Gut Microbiome being out of balance.